South Africa v Zimbabwe - turning points

Jacques Kallis finished with four wickets AFP

1.4 M Morkel to Sibanda, OUT, bowled him! An off drive misses and off-stump is flicked, a fuller ball enticing the drive and it nipped back through the gate, perfect delivery, hits where the text book tells you to

3.2 M Morkel to Taylor, OUT, pretty much the same stroke but this is edged behind and de Villiers takes it comfortably going to his right at around waist height, Taylor was reaching for it, not in control of the stroke and got a thin nick

10.5 Kallis to Chigumbura, OUT, full and straight and plumb lbw first ball the batsman was nowhere near it. Fired it at the pads, full onto middle and leg and Chigumbura was caught on the crease, his attempted defensive stroke was a few years too late

17.4 Kallis to Ervine, OUT, a bit of extra bounce, takes the edge and de Villiers takes his fourth catch going comfortably to his left-hand side, another wicket for Kallis too! Remarkable performance from him, the ball got big on the batsman who tried to run it down to third man

12.2 Matsikenyeri to Levi, 1 run, fifty for Levi, helps end a poor run of scores, cracked to long-on for a single