1.6 Aravind to Vijay, SIX, that's a shot Vijay can play in his sleep. That's a shot you can wake up from your sleep to watch. Short of a length ball, the kind coaches advice you to bowl. Can't drive, can't pull. Unless you are Vijay. He just reaches a foot across and then wallops it off the front foot emphatically in front of midwicket.

9.2 Mithun to Vijay, FOUR, they dropped catches off Chennai in the final of IPL 2010. They have dropped catches off Chennai in IPL 2011. And they are still doing it in the final. Length ball, angles into Vijay who helps it along over midwicket. Ended up timing the lofted chip better than he wanted, and Pomersbach was patrolling the fence. He ran back and tried to take it, but it slipped through. No cool hand, Luke.

0.4 Ashwin to Gayle, OUT, it took Ashwin three balls. He was Chennai's weapon against Bangalore's weapon in the last game too. And he was once again. What a classic set-up. What lovely bowling. Take a bow, Ashwin. He's set him up with the last two offbreaks, and this time he focused on getting one to skid in. He went round arm and slung it in, Gayle spotted the change in pace and trajectory late and by then he had committed himself into the cut. Thin outside edge, Dhoni does the rest. Have CSK got the one wicket they needed? Ashwin does his version of the aeroplane. What a comeback after being smashed on the head in the last game.

6.3 Jakati to de Villiers, OUT, very strange end to AB's innings, and he isn't happy. Not sure why, he is dead plumb. He was hustling this way and that in the crease before the ball came. He first went away to the leg side, then started coming back towards middle, and Jakati landed it short of a length on off. AB was late on the pull after all the fancy footwork, and missed. Hit in front of off, hitting off and middle three-fourths of the way up.

9.6 Raina to Kohli, OUT, the future of Indian batting falls to the future of Indian batting. This is the Indian Premier League after all. Raina slips a sharp offbreak past Kohli's attempted turn to the leg side, and catches him plumb in front. That one straightened in enough after landing on leg. Chennai Super Kings have one hand on the glittering trophy.