Sri Lanka v Zimbabwe - turning points

9.5 Cremer to Dilshan, OUT, Cremer has come back well from that wicket off a no-ball with a quick delivery. Dilshan tries to cut it, there seems to be a noise, and Zimbabwe are pretty certain they have Dilshan caught at the wicket. The umpire takes his time before raising the wicket, and neither batsman looks happy with the decision

13.6 Cremer to BMAJ Mendis, FOUR, back-to-back fours for Mendis as he backs away and hits powerfully at this short delivery. He has placed it wide of long-off

18.1 Jarvis to BMAJ Mendis, 5 leg byes, slower ball, beats him, but as they steal a leg-bye, Jarvis lets go a wild throw for four overthrows. There was no way he was getting Sanga out. Zimbabwe - I don't believe I am saying this - have been ordinary in the field

5.3 BAW Mendis to Sibanda, OUT, and it takes Mendis three balls to strike. And this is his favourite way of striking. Length ball, on middle, Sibanda plays for the angle, the ball holds its line enough to beat him, and strike the middle stump. Welcome back, Ajantha

7.2 BAW Mendis to Masakadza, OUT, googly there. This is not an offbreak, mind you. this is bowled from the back of the hand. Masakadza thinks he has picked a carrom ball, and plays for the turn away. The ball, however, comes back in from outside off, and bursts through the gate. Mr Mendis, we have been expecting you