Scotland's two ICC World Cricket League (WCL) fixtures against Canada have been moved to Ayr Cricket Club after the Citylets Grange in Edinburgh was declared unplayable. The original venue was flooded when the nearby river, the Water of Leith, burst its banks following recent heavy rainfall.

However, despite the switch the first WCL match, which had already been delayed until the reserve day on Tuesday as the ground at Ayr needed preparing, was cancelled on Monday afternoon leaving one fixture set to be played on Wednesday weather permitting.

The request was made to the ICC on Sunday, with both teams agreeing to the final decision on the switch. Earlier in the week, Scotland and Canada lost all four days of their Intercontinental Cup match due to an unplayable pitch at Bothwell Castle, Uddingston.

Roddy Smith, Cricket Scotland's chief executive, said: ''Every effort is being made by the ICC, Cricket Scotland and the teams to play these vital games. The weather that has hit Scotland in recent weeks is unprecedented and has given all our clubs major problems.

"We are very grateful to Ayr CC for both agreeing to host the matches at a couple of days' notice and now working so hard to get their ground ready for Tuesday."

July 9, 17.30pm. This story was updated to include news of the first match being cancelled