Adam Hollioake Twitter appeal after Ben's kit stolen

Michael Atherton awards Test caps to brothers Adam (left) and Ben Hollioake Getty Images

Adam Hollioake, the former England allrounder, has made an emotional appeal for the return of stolen cricket kit belonging to his late brother, Ben.

Ben Hollioake's cricket kit was stolen from his parents' home in Perth, Western Australia and was among their most treasured possessions following his death in a car accident ten years ago.

Adam Hollioake told ESPNcricinfo that, by Wednesday night in Perth, Western Australia police had recovered "two small bags" of kit, but that much remains missing, to the revulsion of cricket figures in both England and Australia who have launched a mass campaign on social media to recover all of it.

The West Australian newspaper has reported: "It is understood the secure parking area of the apartment building where Ben's parents Daria and John reside was broken into sometime between 6.30pm on Tuesday and 8.45am today.

"Police said a storeroom within the First Avenue address in Applecross had been forced open and boxes searched. The thieves then removed Ben's cricket bag before fleeing with their loot. Just before 6pm police said they had executed a search warrant and as a result had recovered some of the items."

Adam Hollioake sounded distraught when he took to Twitter in a plea for help to recover Ben's old England gear, including sweaters, shirts, helmets and bats.

"I need all my Facebook friends & twitter followers to trawl eBay & any other site where these little maggots might be trying to sell his stuff," Hollioake tweeted. "Let's make sure they have stolen a ticking time bomb!! I am a fair dude and if someone comes to me & wants food or drink they can sit at my table & eat with me...But you upset my Mumma and I will f*** your s*** up!!!

The appeal brought an immediate response with a host of cricket figures expressing their anger.

Stuart Broad, the England allrounder, tweeted: "His old playing shirts and stuff must mean so much to his family. To think that someone could have the nerve to rob them is sick."

Broad's England bowling colleague, James Anderson, said: "Can't believe someone would steal Ben Hollioake's England kit from his parents house. Please help get it back."

Ben Hollioake, before his death at 24, promised to be one of the most charismatic England cricketers of the age, briefly drawing comparisons with Ian Botham after a thrilling debut, at 19, in a one-day international against Australia at Lord's in 1997. He was killed in a car accident in South Perth in March 2002.

After some of the equipment was discovered, Adam Hollioake tweeted his thanks. "Can't thank you all and the media for the amazing response to my bro's stolen kit," he said. "Without u there is doubt we would have retrieved any of his kit back.

"You are all truly amazing & on behalf of my family i would like to thank you all. Don't mess with my friends on twitter...they r all badass ;-)"

Anybody with information on the crime can contact Western Australia police or Adam Hollioake @adamhollioake on Twitter