Kohli's dive in vain

Virat Kohli goes down with a bout of cramps even as he is run out Getty Images

The catch
MS Dhoni is often criticised for not going for catches in front of first slip or between himself and first slip. Today, though, when Kumar Sangakkara edged Zaheer Khan in the 17th over to where first slip would have been, Dhoni went flying to his left and completed a superb catch. Dhoni is a good wicketkeeper when standing up to spin, but that was one of his best catches standing back.

The tackle
In the 48th over of the Sri Lankan innings, Nuwan Kulasekara lofted R Vinay Kumar towards cow corner. Suresh Raina gave hectic chase, and the man at the fence cleaned up behind him. Raina, however, couldn't put the brakes on, and went on running towards the boundary boards. One of the security guards, professional as always, had his back to the action, and Raina took him out with him.

The Rock Bottom
In the next over, Numwan Kulasekara thick-edged a low full toss wide of third man, and came back for a tight second run. The throw was a little wide, and it brought Dhoni in the way of the runner. With no run-out possible, Dhoni tried to control the damage the inevitable collision would have caused, and ended up in a half-embrace with Kulasekara, reminiscent of how the wrestler The Rock set opponents up for his finishing move, the Rock Bottom.

The Dhoni-Sehwag moment
In the last over of the innings, Virender Sehwag made a full-length diving save at short fine leg. Dhoni, who usually doesn't show much emotion on the field, walked all the way up to share high-fives with his vice-captain. Amid reports that the captain and his deputy haven't exactly been very friendly, this was prime material for television replays. Were the players themselves playing to the gallery?

The hara-kiri
Virat Kohli, who appeared to be struggling with his hamstring, was the man expected to see India through after two specialised batsmen had played irresponsible shots. However, off the last ball of the 36th over, he pushed straight to mid-on and set off for a Kamikaze single. He dived but couldn't make it, and only worsened the hamstring, and had to be carried off the field by two of the support staff members.