How the final over unfolded

Last over of the match coming up. India need three runs. West Indies need two wickets. The field will be up. [Fidel] Edwards will be asked to bowl full and straight. [Virender] Sehwag still lounges on the massage table. Only fine leg and third man are back.

63.1 FH Edwards to Aaron, no run, 133.7 kph, short of a length, outside off, sharp pace, Aaron is beaten as he looks to dab it.

Ashwin walks up and knocks gloves with Aaron. Sammy has a chat with Edwards. A yorker coming up? Whoa. Edwards doesn't let go of the ball. He sees Ashwin backing up, but has over-run him. So can't even run him out. Perhaps it was just a warning.

63.2 FH Edwards to Aaron, no run, 145.8 kph, length ball, crisply driven, into the ground, bounces overhead for short cover. Fielded very well. Aaron must be nervous now.

63.3 FH Edwards to Aaron, no run, 141.4 kph, heave-ho, heave-ho. No touch on the bat. And Baugh is sensational behind the stumps. Length ball. Aaron swings. The ball swings. Misses the leg stump. Bounces short of Baugh. But he nonchalantly sticks the left hand out. And is ready to throw should they run a bye.

63.4 FH Edwards to Aaron, 1 run, 146.3 kph, misfield by Samuels. Length ball again, bounces short of mid-off. Samuels fumbles. Aaron, who hesitated for the single, was a goner of he had collected and thrown.

Right what does Ashwin do now? Does he take the single and level the scores? Singles available.

63.5 FH Edwards to Ashwin, no run, 145.6 kph, big lbw appeal. The inside edge saves him. India can't lose now. This can't even be a tie. Late swing now. Ashwin looks to work this to leg without taking a big risk, in order to rule out a dfeat.

Two results ruled out. Either India can win or this will draw. This could draw with scores level. Everybody saving two now. Ones available all over. In runs Edwards. Is this Ashwin's Test? Is this destiny?

63.6 FH Edwards to Ashwin, 1 run, OUT, 141.8 kph, West Indies salvage a draw here. Fletcher might as well say, "We flippin' murdered them." A length ball, pushes his weight back and smashes this down to long-on. It's as if he has made his mind up there is no second available. Slow to start, slow to turn around. He goes for the second only when Aaron pushes him. Run out by a mile. Did Ashwin miss a trick in the final moment? This doesn't by any means take away credit from what all Ashwin did in the lead-up

[Darren] Sammy has a smile on his face you won't be able to wipe off. He is still laughing five minutes after the match is over. [Virat] Kohli is distraught. Fletcher consoles him. Shakes of hands between the teams. What a great Test. Only the second time a Test has been drawn with scores level. The last time it happened was when England fell similarly short of beating Zimbabwe. And coach David Lloyd memorably said, "We flippin' murdered them."