Gladstone Dainty moves to silence USACA oppponents

John Aaron has been suspended as the secretary of the USA Cricket Association by Gladstone Dainty, the board's controversial president, for what Dainty claimed were "comments damaging to the good standing and well-being of USACA".

In a move which brings into the open the battle between Dainty and those seeking to make him accountable, he claimed he had consulted "many of the USACA board members", he told Aaron he was suspending him "immediately and indefinitely".

Aaron has been openly challenging Dainty over many aspects of the way he runs USACA in the wake of cancelled elections, the failure to replace Don Lockerbie, who Dainty sacked as CEO ten months ago, and a complete failure to communicate with factions of the board opposed to his actions as president. Dainty unilaterally cancelled a board meeting called by Aaron last weekend, even though it had been arranged in accordance with the constitution. The board has not met face-to-face for ten months.

Aaron replied to Dainty that his action was "without basis and merit and is unconstitutional, and it impinges upon my right of free speech in addition your reference to "consultation with many of the USACA board members," is also unfounded and unsubstantiated, and at best refers to a minority".

The ICC, which has twice suspended the USA from international competition while Dainty has been in charge, has yet to comment, but it is likely it will be watching the unfolding events with increasing concern.