A revamped Rajasthan, and Oram's nightmare

Jacob Oram is bowled for a duck AFP

The revamp
A play even before a ball was bowled. At the toss, Shane Warne announced Rajasthan Royals had made six changes to their line-up. Shaun Tait, Pinal Shah, Jacob Oram, Ankit Chavan, Nayan Doshi and Faiz Fazal were the recruits for this must-win encounter. Their total contribution was 32 runs and two wickets.

Sreesanth's proud moment
It could well have been a Test match; then the victory for the bowler would then have been sweeter. Sreesanth bowled a lovely outswinger to Rahul Dravid, and it proved tempting enough for him to try to chase it down. It landed on a driving length, produced the outside edge and was pouched safely at slip.

Bangladesh revisited
Shane Watson made merry dispatching every Bangladesh slow bowler who came his way not too long ago. P Prasanth became the latest in a series of left-arm spinners to be left scarred by a Watson assault as he was smashed for three sixes - two off long hops and one off a full toss - in an over that marked a rare high point for Rajasthan in their otherwise listless effort with the bat.

Oram's nightmare
A horrible first game of the season for Jacob Oram. A lazy push against Brad Hodge resulted in his dismissal for a duck, and he was welcomed to the bowling crease by his New Zealand team-mate Brendon McCullum with three towering sixes, each more powerful than the other, and all over the bowler's head.

Tait's misfortune
Tait overstepped in the first over of Kochi's chase to concede a free hit, and was promptly swatted next ball for a massive six by McCullum. He got his man two balls later with a searing yorker, or so we thought. Tait has had trouble with the back foot no-ball for a while now, and replays showed his heel had brushed the side crease as he got into his delivery stride. McCullum got a life, and though he lasted just a couple more overs, he was able to inflict enough damage in his brief stay to leave Rajasthan deflated.