Kochi Tuskers Kerala v Kings XI Punjab, IPL 2011, Indore

8.4 Bipul Sharma to McCullum, OUT, he's gone this time, McCullum isn't impressed, he went for another sweep, missed, got hit on the back leg and was given out, did it pitch outside leg, was there some inside edge, didn't look like, finally Punjab have a wicket

13.1 Chawla to Jadeja, OUT, gone this time, something for Piyush, another wrong 'un, he went for the sweep, but was struck on the pads, umpire gave him out right away, would that have missed off stump as it was sliding across Jadeja? he is gone now though, replays show it would have just missed off

14.5 Bipul Sharma to Hodge, OUT, Hodge departs, he again came down the track, it was fired in on leg stump, he looked to loft it over midwicket, but hit it straight to Marsh who came in from the boundary to take the dolly

18.1 Srivastava to Shah, 1 run, OUT, slower one short from round the stump, he looks to bash it over the bowler, but gets it down to long off, they decide to come back for the second, the throw is at the right end, Owais is miles short of the crease as Gilly takes off the bails, well, looked like the only way he would have got out today, both batsmen gestured that they could not hear the call amid the noise

9.6 Parameswaran to Marsh, SIX, Marsh goes big, he looks in supreme touch, gets under a full delivery and hammers it over the sightscreen, big golf swing and it does the job

11.5 Hodge to Karthik, SIX, he is absolutely creaming them, as if he has a point to prove, goes down on the knee and slog-sweeps it over deep square leg