Kolkata Knight Riders v Kochi Tuskers Kerala, IPL 2011, Kolkata

Manoj Tiwary plays a cover drive Associated Press

2.2 Lee to McCullum, FOUR, McCullum charges down the pitch and drives a length ball powerfully through extra cover, such a contrast in styles, McCullum and Mahela

13.5 Pathan to Jadeja, SIX, massive shot! Jadeja moves his from foot out of the way and slams the ball with terrific force over the deep midwicket boundary. Yusuf would have been proud of that shot

3.3 Vinay Kumar to Kallis, OUT, caught on the deep square leg boundary! It was a bouncer and Kallis pulled it even though there was a fielder in the deep. The fielder nearly over-ran the ball moving to his left but took the catch in the end. Kallis had fallen to the short ball against Rajasthan as well. He made good contact this time, just picked out the fielder

4.2 Singh to Gambhir, OUT, bowled him! Gambhir's middle stump has been uprooted. RP Singh bowled a good length ball that pitched on middle and straightened, Gambhir closed the face too early and was beaten, Kochi are definitely in this now. Gambhir played from his crease when he should have been forward

15.5 Powar to Pathan, OUT, caught at short third man! Huge moment in the game. Powar went round the wicket to change the angle, slanting the ball across the right-hander with flight, Yusuf aimed for the midwicket boundary this time but his heave resulted in a top edge to Murali

16.6 Jadeja to Tiwary, 1 wide, OUT, stumped! Superb thinking from Jadeja if that was intentional. Tiwary steps out of his crease, Jadeja sees him coming and fires the ball flat and fast down leg side. Tiwary misses it and Parthiv completes the stumping