Kings XI Punjab v Mumbai Indians, IPL 2011, 54th match

Suresh Raina inexplicably holds Munaf Patel and Virender Sehwag aloft after Abdul Razzaq's dismissal Getty Images

1.4 Malinga to Gilchrist, 1 leg bye, Ouch! Adam Gilchrist is beaten for pace. It's a screaming bouncer, kicking up viciously, and Gilly just froze. He took his eyes off the ball and tried to duck. Too late. Crash. Clang. The ball rammed into the helmet. Preity Zinta closes her eyes. She can't watch it. Gilly has gone for new helmets.

9.2 Sharma to Gilchrist, SIX, Nicely done! He rushed down the track, didn't quite reach the pitch of the ball but he stretched forward and lifted it high over long-on

12.4 Pollard to Karthik, 1 run, Dropped by Blizzard What a clanger. DK top-edged the attempted pull and Blizzard ran in from the deep and reached the ball. He waited, cupped the palms upwards and the ball burst through his palms and hit him on the face! Pollard was celebrating when he realised that it was dropped!

15.2 Patel to Marsh, OUT, Magnificent catch from Pollard. Absolutely awesome. Shaun had killed that shortish ball with a violent pull. Pollard rushed to his right at deep midwicket and lunged out to take it so safely with both hands. He stands, turns towards the crowd and holds his arms aloft. Fabulicious effort.

2.4 Kumar to Tendulkar, OUT, PK takes out SRT! Slightly slower, around 127 kmph, length delivery outside off and Tendulkar stumbled out. He ended up lunging forward, bat ahead of the body and ended up steering it to backward point.

7.3 Bipul Sharma to Rayudu, 1 run, OUT, Symonds is run out Rayudu drags it to wide of deep midwicket. Symonds turns for the second run but Rayudu stays frozen at the other end. Symonds keeps coming, Rayudu puts his left hand out, suggesting don't. All too late. Symonds had almost reached Rayudu's end!