Sehwag's desperation and Irfan's hurry

Parthiv Patel is distraught after being bowled by a ball that kept alarmingly low AFP

The desperation
Virender Sehwag wanted to win today. He really did. Apart from his grit with the bat, his reactions betrayed his desperation on at least two occasions. After having already expressed reservations over the pitch at the toss, Sehwag was exasperated on seeing his apprehensions come true when David Warner was bowled with one that kept low. Immediately, Sehwag raised both his arms questioningly towards the umpire to lodge his protest. Later, when Delhi had recovered somewhat, Yogesh Nagar was run out, being a touch slow to go for the second. Sehwag's reaction? He threw his bat away in anger.

The quick makeover
Kochi had left a hint of green on the Nehru Stadium track against Deccan Chargers. Ishant Sharma seamed and bounced his way to three wickets in his first over, took two more in his second, and effectively finished the game with Kochi at 11 for 6. Kochi took the lesson to remove all traces of green a bit too seriously, and what emerged was a dry wicket that kept terribly low, making batting a lottery for all except Sehwag.

Warner decided to go back to Sreesanth's first delivery, and to his horror, it went under his waft to strike the off stump. Warner's plight was nothing compared to what happened next. Naman Ojha went forward to what he thought was a normal length delivery. But the ball hit the pitch and rolled along to strike him on the boot, in front of leg stump. Kochi were to suffer as well. Parthiv Patel was bowled by one from Irfan Pathan that barely left the ground, and swore in disgust as we walked off.

What goes around
Sreesanth had the pitch to thank for both his wickets, so he had nothing to complain about when Roelof van der Merwe did him in with one that shooted along the ground to hit the base of off stump. He could only manage to appear incredulous, which was the way to go for most batsmen at the mercy of the treacherous strip.

The quick move-on
Irfan was in a hurry to lay his hands on the ball and cash in on the surface. So much that he did not even wait for the Delhi innings to get over. Even as a run-out appeal against him was referred to the third umpire off the last ball of the innings, Irfan took his pads off, grabbed hold of the ball and started doing mock run-ups. The effort wasn't in vain as he grabbed two early wickets.