Morkel's misfield, Christian's catch

Aaron Finch is about to catch Sunny Sohal AFP

The indiscriminate mis-fielder

Morne Morkel has been described as being as ungainly as a giraffe leaning down at a water hole. Today he put on a particularly inelegant display. The lanky fast bowler wasn't feeling well and reportedly hadn't eaten for a few days which added to his woes. He was fielding at sweeper cover when Kumar Sangakkara decided to make his day even worse. First, the former Sri Lanka captain came down the track and hoisted the ball to Morkel's left. He got to it, hauled it in from the boundary rope but then let it go, reached for it desperately only to see it bobble over the rope. The very next ball, Sangakkara hit to Morkel's right and the quick fell forward, just about on his face as it went through him and for four.

Different shots, same result

In the 9th over, Sunny Sohal looked to guide a ball from outside off behind square leg, only to get an outside edge that beat third man. Three balls later, there was another boundary to third man, but this was no streaky shot; Sohal opened the face and dabbed the ball fine past the fielder in the circle.

The back-peddler

Kumar Sangakkara was well placed to get a half-century and was timing and placing the ball sweetly when Aaron Finch ended his party. Sangakkara picked the ball up outside off and went aerial over mid-wicket. Finch, standing in the circle, ran backwards and then had to lean back to take the catch behind his head. His timing was better than the batsman's and saw Sangakkara dismissed for 49.

The straight six

The runs and big hits have been scarce for Cameron White over the past few months. He didn't make the most fluent of starts to the IPL either, but showed flashes of his best. The highlight of his cameo at the end of the Deccan innings was a sledgehammer six off James Hopes, back over the bowler's head.

The widest wide

Harmeet Singh specialises in bowling slow legcutters and was working his magic to perfection when suddenly it all went a little wrong. He was rolling his fingers over the ball, the third delivery of his third over, when the ball slipped out, barely touched the pitch and splayed itself all over Venugopal Rao's leg side. Kumar Sangakkara was as surprised as anyone else and even if he had moved to collect it, he wouldn't have been able to. The ball raced to fine leg and five wides resulted.

The big leap

Venugopal Rao and David Warner were just crafting a Delhi recovery after the early strikes from Harmeet Singh. Rao has just brought up the fifty partnership with a classy lofted drive over extra cover off Amit Mishra. Two balls later he powered Mishra seemingly for a six over long-off, but it wasn't to be as Dan Christian leapt from about a yard inside the rope and latched on to an overhead catch, making sure to stay away from the boundary when he landed.