5.1 Herath to BB McCullum, SIX, wow, McCullum has got plenty of this! Herath tosses one up and McCullum thrust down a pad and swung his lines through a sweep to send it scattering the crowds over deep square.

18.3 Muralitharan to Ryder, OUT, gone this time! Ryder was lining up a similar shot, looking to power it away through the off side. A touch of extra bounce on the delivery, it fairly took off outside off, and a thin edge nestles safely in Sangakkara's gloves. Sri Lanka are ecstatic, they've got this match by the scruff of the neck now.

21.3 Malinga to Guptill, OUT, unplayable! A searing inswinging yorker bursts through Guptill and makes a mess of the stumps. He may well have been expecting that after watching the first two deliveries, but it didn't appear to make much difference. He was in too, but that was just too good. The slinger strikes!

46.6 Muralitharan to Styris, OUT, on his last delivery in Sri Lanka Murali strikes! Key wicket as well! Styris gets deep into his crease to work to leg, missed it and was trapped in front. Styris reviews but it's clipping leg stump. What a wonderful, who-writes-your-scripts? exit from his home stage! Massive cheer from the crowd as the decision is finally confirmed!

1.6 Southee to Tharanga, FOUR, shot of the day. Tharanga gives the bat-maker nice coverage on prime-time television. Back of a length ball angling across at the low 130s, Tharanga gets half across and spanks it on the rise to the left of mid off, and then holds the pose as the ball purrs away. That's his 50th four in this World Cup and he's the first to get there.

7.2 Southee to Tharanga, OUT, Ryder take a bow! Even fat men can fly says George Binoy! This Kiwi sure can fly. Was that Jesse Ryder or Jesse Owens? Here's what happened - it was a short ball outside off, enough width and room for Tharanga in his current form to flay at. Enough room for him to try and go aerial. Ryder was lurking at point. He moved quickly to his left, took off with as much grace as he is capable of and landed with a resounding thud. In the meantime, he caught the ball. And then he stood up with arms aloft, menacing beard and frown in place, like a WWE superstar. What a moment!

23.2 Oram to Dilshan, SIX, too short from Oram at medium pace, Dilshan leans back and smites this over deep midwicket! Big shot