7.6 Dilshan to Strauss, OUT, gone! That was always going to happen. A horrid innings from the captain is ended when misses a pull against a ball that doesn't bounce much. Much deserved for Dilshan. Not Strauss's best day in the middle to say the least, but clever work from Sri Lanka

42.6 Malinga to Morgan, OUT, gone! This time Sri Lanka take a catch and the Powerplay works for the bowling side again. Full outside off, Morgan tried to go over the covers but lofts a chancer to cover who takes it comfortably. Fine innings from Morgan, but England needed him to finish these 50 overs

47.6 Herath to Trott, FOUR, finally they find the boundary as Trott digs deep into his reserves and sweeps strongly to beat deep square

3.2 Swann to Tharanga, SIX, how about that, first six of the match! Tharanga skips down the wicket, eases his arms through the ball and sends it sailing into the sightscreen

6.3 Tremlett to Dilshan, no run, how has that missed!? Jagged back from a length and sliced Dilshan in two, heading just over the stumps. That ball came back a long, long way

36.5 Swann to Dilshan, FOUR, there it is, a brilliant hundred for Dilshan...another cut shot brings him the boundary he needed, this time it was placed with the power to beat the infield. A moment to savour for Dilshan who is having a wonderful tournament

39.3 Tremlett to Tharanga, FOUR, there it is! Hundred for Tharanga and victory for Sri Lanka as he drives through the covers... emphatic way to end a brilliant run chase