Australia v Kenya, World Cup 2011, Bangalore

13.1 Odhiambo to Haddin, 1 run, a full ball and Haddin digs it out towards the off side and wants a risky single. Haddin would have been gone had there been a direct hit at the bowler's end, he stumbles and falls as he makes his ground

26.6 Kamande to White, OUT, oh wow! Did Kamande become Murali? White is shocked and with good reason. That ball pitched a long way outside off and spun viciously into the right-hander. White pushed forward in defence and the ball spun past his bat and hit off and middle. More middle than off. Was there an inside edge on to the stumps? I'm not yet sure ... There was no inside edge, simply spun massively between bat and pad.

27.3 CO Obuya to Hussey, FOUR, a nice and high full toss and Hussey accepts the offering by driving through cover to get off the mark. Obuya's bowled a lot of these full tosses

45.3 Otieno to Clarke, SIX, another full toss, and this time Clarke does it, pulling the ball and timing it well enough to cause a flutter in the people beyond the midwicket boundary

3.3 Tait to Obanda, SIX, that is a monstrous hit! Obanda take a bow, you've hit it on the roof! Well not really but it went miles. Tait bowled a length ball and Obanda launched it off the front foot several rows back over the long-on boundary. That was a slower ball.

37.3 Watson to CO Obuya, SIX, amazing shot to bring up the fifty! Obuya steps out and lofts a length ball cleanly through the line and sends it sailing over the long-off boundary