Canada v New Zealand, World Cup 2011, Mumbai

Ashish Bagai celebrates his half-century AFP

9.5 Baidwan to Guptill, OUT, Wonderful Ashish Bagai! What a keeper! He was standing up to the stumps and takes a loverly catch. Guptill got the edge on the defensive prod and Bagai moved his hands quickly to cover the deviation. Good delivery too; it landed on a good length and just about cut away a bit

25.1 Davison to Ryder, no run, dropped at cover. Not helping Canada's cause. Davison tosses up on off, Ryder looks to smash the cover drive and goes uppishly. Surkari had to tumble forward and to the left to get to it, and he managed to. But as he tumbled, the ball went tumbling out of the hand as well.

38.6 Baidwan to Taylor, FOUR, Taylor has gone berserk here. And without the help of Kamran Akmal. Baidwan chokes and serves a low full toss outside off and Taylor has creamed it through covers. That's 28 runs from the over!

2.1 Mills to Gunasekera, OUT, Ross Taylor is here, Ross Taylor is there, Ross Taylor is almost everywhere. Full delivery, angled across looking for the outside edge that will keep the slips interested, but not this kind of an edge. Ruvindu flashes at it with furious anger and gets the healthiest of outside edges that seems set to take it over the slips and through to third man. Someone forgot to tell Rossco, jumping up with his right hand stretched up. He plucked it at it's peak as if he were reaping mango harvest. Delicious. The timing of the jump was outstanding.

36.6 NL McCullum to Bagai, OUT, that's the end of a fine innings from Bagai. He's succumbed to the conditions as much as the bowling. He's barely able to stand, and wanted to get to his 100 with big shots. He again backs away to the leg side, looking to whack over the off side. Thin outside edge. Bagai c McCullum b McCullum.