India v South Africa, World Cup 2011, Nagpur

South Africa get-together after Morne Morkel dismisses Sachin Tendulkar AFP

17.4 du Plessis to Sehwag, OUT, gone! Finally the partnership is broken. It was speared in fast and flat once again, Sehwag stepped away to make room for the cut but the ball didn't turn as much as he might have expected and he was cramped for room. Playing close to the body, he got a thin edge that smashed into the leg stump, flicking both bails into the air. Finally some relief for South Africa!

39.4 Morkel to Tendulkar, OUT, caught at point! Tendulkar tried to clear his front leg and smash the ball down the ground, but he didn't make proper contact, slicing it high in the air towards point, where Duminy took a few steps back and held the catch.

40.3 Steyn to Pathan, OUT, South Africa on fire as Yusuf is caught at cover. Yusuf stood in his crease and just threw his bat at a length delivery, he sliced it in the air towards cover, where Smith took the catch over his head on the edge of the circle

35.4 Khan to Kallis, 1 run, OUT, a great bouncer from Khan, Kallis whips it away from in front of his nose and out into the deep ... they come back for the second but the throw is good and the bails are whipped off in a flash ... he's gone! What terrific work from Dhoni, he took the ball in front of the stumps from Harbhajan's throw and swivelled round in mid-air to catch Kallis short. Pressure on South Africa's middle order!

42.4 Harbhajan Singh to Duminy, 1 wide, OUT, Duminy falls ... eventually! He charged out again, was beaten as the ball was speared down the leg side. Dhoni fumbled the take, and Duminy, who was several metres down, started back for the crease. Dhoni quickly recovered, picking the ball up and whipping the bails off with the batsman short