India v Netherlands, World Cup 2011, Delhi

India get-together after dismissing Ryan ten Doeschate AFP

28.2 Yuvraj Singh to ten Doeschate, OUT, Yuvraj gets this to dip on RTD after inviting him out of the crease for the loft down the ground. RTD wasn't to the pitch of it, but decided to go through with the shot. He ended up scooping it higher than he wanted, compromising for distance, and playing towards long-off as the bat turned in his hand. Zaheer at long-off makes a tough catch look easy, taking it a foot in front of the ropes.

29.1 Nehra to Cooper, OUT, Nehra's struck immediately. He's got this oldish ball to nip away from a full length. Replays indicate it was an offcutter. He bustles in from over the wicket, lands it full and outside off, inviting the drive and then moving off away towards the off side. The deviation is enough to induce an outside edge as Cooper goes for the big cover drive. Dhoni holds the low catch easily.

42.6 Chawla to Borren, SIX, another six here. Borren has ruined Chawla's figures by taking 17 off the final over. This was more of a damage control ball. Flat and full on middle and leg, Borren again swept with power, getting the shot to fly away over midwicket. Fiercely powerful hit.

3.6 ten Doeschate to Tendulkar, FOUR, Imperious! And that's 2000 World-cup runs for SRT. First player. He moved forward and lifted a length delivery on the middle-stump line high over mid-on. Both batsmen in some mood today

9.5 Seelaar to Pathan, OUT, Whoa! Seelaar is pumped up! It was a quickish delivery on short of length; Pathan pushes it tamely back to the bowler! what a soft dismissal. Seelar dashes off on a celebratory run!

12.4 Borren to Kohli, 1 run, run out chance of Gambhir missed Virat works this through backward square-leg region and wants the second. Gambhir is late to react and he suddenly starts to charge across; Kohli had returned to his crease by then. Gambhir turns and tries to scamper back but the bowler, standing mid-pitch, failed to collect the throw cleanly.