4.5 Osinde to Waters, OUT, and the one that comes in as a surprise delivery gets him, Osinde likes it, it was pitched fuller and went on with the angle, Waters was tentative in pushing forward with all that away movement, and pushed outside the line, the ball raced through the gap between bat and pad, off the back pad and on to off stump which was uprooted out of the ground

11.3 Baidwan to CO Obuya, OUT, another one departs, what a shot to play when you are three down, went heaving at a length delivery from the crease, wanting to lift it over midwicket, got nowhere close to the ball, it seamed in a shade to beat him even more comprehensively, and crashed in to the stumps

42.1 Davison to Mishra, OUT, Davison comes on and gets Mishra right away, lured him down the track with a flighted one from round the wicket, he got too close to the delivery and had a go at it, ending up getting a leading edge which went safely in the hands of mid off, this is a big wicket at this stage

3.4 Otieno to Rizwan Cheema, OUT, Elijah has struck. He runs around in glee, pumps his fist and then pulls up his tee shirt to cover his mouth! Some celebration that. Cheema was looking to blast everything out of his presence, and one of them has found its way past him. Short ball, not there for the drive. Not quite there for the pull. Cheema was on the front foot again and went for an ungainly heave across the line. Miss. Leg stump splatters. Elijah is delighted.

11.2 Ngoche to Hansra, no run, Hansra just told Waters, "Mate you just caught the wooden spoon". Tossed up generously outside off, Hansra inexplicably looks to bang it down the ground. He doesn't time it at all, and it is a dolly to mid on. Waters drops it. In and out.

27.3 Kamande to Hansra, SIX, Hansra stretches out and gets to the pitch of this delivery, swings it nice and straight down the ground for the first boundary in ages