England v South Africa, Group B, World Cup 2011, Chennai

Just when South Africa looked to be edging past England Tim Bresnan removed Morne van Wyk Getty Images

4.4 Peterson to Bell, OUT, gone! He has another. Bell tries to use his feet but doesn't get to the pitch and only succeeds in popping a catch back towards Peterson who dives low to his left and takes a superb catch. Lovely piece of bowling to beat the batsman in flight. What a mess England are in. Excellent cricket from South Africa, but it's pretty village from the batsmen.

24.4 Duminy to Bopara, SIX, that releases the pressure. Gone a long way, too. Bopara down the wicket and swinging through the line, pinging this back over the bowler's head and over the sightscreen too!

45.4 Imran Tahir to Swann, OUT, an inside-out drive down the ground, gets a lot of air on the stroke, but Duminy runs round from mid-off to snaffle an sharp chance. That's four for Tahir, and 11 in the tournament already, and what a comprehensive display that has been from South Africa. They are the favourites for this tournament in many people's estimation and on this showing it's hard to look beyond them. Still, England have a handy spinner of their own - I wonder if Swann will be thrown the new ball?

14.1 Swann to Smith, OUT, that's a stinking delivery! Perfect length, spitting turn and bounce, Prior gathers well, up by his armpit, and the umpires review because they can tell what on earth has happened ... Looks as though there was the thinnest slither of glove on the ball as he fizzed by ... yes, there quite clearly was. This will be given out ... surely? The wait is eternal. Well, the umpires made a meal of it, but the right decision was reached in the end

31.6 Anderson to de Villiers, OUT, Anderson has bowled him, I think! Yes, he has! de Villiers left alone outside off, the ball zipped through to the keeper, who caught it safely but belatedly noticed the bails were on the ground! Replays prove that Anderson just snicked the top of off, and that is a massive wicket

33.4 Anderson to Duminy, OUT, gadzooks, no need for a review on that one! Duminy's off pole has been utterly and totally detonated! Unplayable nut from Anderson, swinging, straightening, flattening!

41.6 Pietersen to Steyn, FOUR, brilliant from Steyn, such clear thinking under intense pressure. Sees a touch of flight, backs his ability and thwacks back down the ground. That will be Pietersen's work done I suspect

47.4 Broad to Morkel, OUT, Broad has done it! England take the game! South Africans, don't mention the C-word! Somehow England have pulled off a stunning win having been the wrong side of two close results before. It was full and up there to drive, Morkel aimed a big swing but could only feather through to Prior. Broad has conjured up a stunning final over to win the game, England's fielders are going ballistic, not so knackered anymore!