6.1 Mudassar Bukhari to Amla, no run, edged and taken? Amla began to walk but the umpires are conferring about something, it was a low catch from the keeper Wesley Barresi. It was the slower ball and Amla's cut took the bottom edge through to Barresi, who stooped forward to take the catch. Replays show it might have just kissed the ground before it entered the gloves. Amla survives. The wicketkeeper wasn't sure either.

12.5 Loots to Smith, OUT, bowled him! Smith stays in his crease and tries to force a good length ball angling into him from round the wicket on the leg side. He played across the line and missed completely, Loots hit leg stump and uprooted it.

17.2 ten Doeschate to de Villiers, FOUR, pitched up again, much straighter this time and is dealt with, driven sweetly between mid-on and midwicket for a lovely boundary

39.4 Mudassar Bukhari to Amla, 1 run, and he gets to eighth one-day hundred with a relaxed dab towards third man. The celebrations begin and end rather quickly. Amla the run machine rolls on ...

42.6 Mudassar Bukhari to de Villiers, 1 run, full toss and AB brings up another hundred in the World Cup with a punch towards long-on. His top form continues.

43.1 Loots to de Villiers, SIX, AB goes big, and that's rather big. Down on one knee, big back lift, powerful swing and the ball disappears over the midwicket boundary

5.1 Kallis to Kervezee, OUT, not Kervezee for sure, Kallis strikes first ball, was on a length on middle and off and Kervezee just went through with an attempted straight drive, striking it straight back to Kallis who clasped it on the second attempt

21.3 Peterson to Zuiderent, OUT, lbw! Zuiderent lunged forward to defend, the ball came in with the arm from over the wicket and hit him low on the pad on the front foot. The impact was more than 2.5 meters from the stumps but Asoka de Silva said out and Zuiderent did not review it. That would have hit the stumps, in my opinion