Sri Lanka v Kenya, World Cup 2011, Colombo

Peter Ongondo fails to keep out Lasith Malinga's yorker AFP

2.1 Malinga to Waters, OUT, Waters is gone! Malinga gets one of those lethal indipping yorkers bang on target, right on the toes, Waters is hurled in the air with the impact, and goes down on all fours, no one has any doubts about where that was heading, not even Waters, who gets up and starts walking back, no review from Kenya

19.2 Mendis to CO Obuya, 2 leg byes, the Obuyas have added 50 for the first time in their careers. Slider on the pads, hurries past the batsman before he can play the pull and away for two legbyes to fine leg

31.4 Malinga to CO Obuya, OUT, that's almost the perfect yorker. Collins is on his way. The sling is in. Malinga's catapult side-arm action means it marginally tails away as it comes out of his hand before the laws of fluid dynamics take over. Around halfway down it begins to move in. Collins knows he's in trouble, he tries to cover the line. The ball tails in some more. The bat comes down. Too late, and not playing down the right line. The base of off stump takes a hammering.

40.1 Muralitharan to DO Obuya, OUT, Murali jogs in, and bowls a flighted one from round the stumps, he goes down for the slog sweep, and picks out the man at deep midwicket with precision, looped away high in the air and came down in his hands nicely, Obuya is gone

43.2 Malinga to Ngoche, OUT, take a bow, Lasith Malinga, it's a hat-trick, he had got one on the last ball of his previous over, homes in on middle stump, nothing can stop it, least of all poor Shem Ngoche, who was just about expecting this, but could not do anything to stop it, it scorches its way past the gap between bat and pad, the shatterer of stumps has five

5.5 Ngoche to Dilshan, FOUR, well, this one wasn't such a good ball, and Dilshan picks four more with ease. Short, landing on off and turning away, you could sense Dilshan could barely wait for it to reach him. When it did, he thumped it through the square field.