Kenya v Pakistan, World Cup 2011, Hambantota

Umar Akmal takes a catch to dismiss Rakep Patel Associated Press

5.3 Otieno to Mohammad Hafeez, OUT, jeez, what a ripper! it was clipped neatly off the toes, and was in the gap too, but just as it was about to pass midwicket, Waters went screaming to his left horizontally, took the ball, but even as he fell it went out of his grasp, but he took it cleanly in the end with the right hand. An absolute screamer, Hafeez cannot believe it, but he has to walk back after umpteen replays confirm it was clean

23.2 Kamande to Kamran Akmal, 1 run, gets to his half-century with a punch off the back foot down to long on, he has led the recovery after the openers went nowhere

44.6 Otieno to Umar Akmal, (no ball) FOUR, Otieno has lost it completely, serves up a very high full toss way outside off stump, and it is clattered over the infield effortlessly. A full 20 runs from the over so far, and one ball to be bowled!

9.1 Abdul Razzaq to Waters, OUT, Waters is run out. Fine work from Umar Akmal. It was pushed towards short mid-on region. Waters set off but so did Umar Akmal from midwicket. He rushed across, swooped on the ball and flicked a direct hit at the non-striker's end. First breakthrough for Pakistan

22.2 Shahid Afridi to Tikolo, OUT, Tikolo fails again. He went down the track, first side stepped towards leg before trying to move across towards the line and went for the lofted hit. But Afridi had held this one back and Tikolo was through early with the shot. The ball slid through the bat and pad gap and fell on the stumps. Afridi's index finger shoots up towards the sky. The Kenyan legend walks back to the hut.

31.4 Mohammad Hafeez to Obuya, SIX, Obuyaaaaaaaa! What a charming innings this has been. Flamboyant. He rushed down the track and heaved it over long-on.

32.1 Shahid Afridi to Obuya, OUT, Wicket no 5 for the captain! Obuya's entertaining knock is over. Afridi teased him with a flighted delivery and he couldn't resist going for the big hit but he couldn't clear long-on. 5 for 16! ooh la la!