Choice of game
Still unemployed, sun still shining, Otago still likely to win. Sadly, the game was no longer free.

Team supported
The Hell Wellington Firebirds. (How many people is that name gonna upset?)

Key performer
A few damn good performances, but it has to go to Chris Nevin, for picking up a stuttering Wellington innings and depositing it over the boundary repeatedly, despite not being considered good enough for a contract this year.

One thing I'd have changed
The small squealing children wouldn't have been set in the sponsors tent between the fence and the boundary rope where they repetedly hit tennis balls onto the outfield; and the best seats in the place would have been given to people who actually wanted to watch the game.

Oh, and I'd have wiped the butter off Luke Wright's hands for him. Just as a favour, like.

Suspicious behaviour of the day
I'm beginning to think the people running the scoreboard are messing with us. They managed to have, at various points: the wrong bowler, wrong batsman, wrong score, and the wrong number of overs. It's like they're checking to make sure we're actually paying attention. Or they're drunk. I'm guessing drunk.

Wow moment
Neil Wagner's spectacular drop of Luke Wright, over the boundary rope for six. Sweeter then when Wagner finally caught him, two sixes later.

Player watch
Look mum, internationals! Luke Wright and Damien Wright. But on our boundary we got that tiny, tiny Chris Nevin man. And that made me happy.

Shot of the day
Michael Pollard hooking the ball over the bank and out onto the road. Sirens followed.

Crowd meter
Official count said 8000 showed up. That figure was at best optimistic and at worst a brazen lie. More like 1800, but that was enough to make the atmosphere excellent as we cheered and groaned and tried to drown out the Otago keeper.

There were actual loudspeakers playing actual music... Oh, and the tournament sponsors gave away a whole bunch of free stuff. In the innings break - AIR GUITAR!

Okay, I swear cricket games in New Zealand are not as lame as that sounds.

I busted out the blackboard, on which to discuss the Wellington weather, Damien Wright's maiden-bowling capabilities and Ronald Karitiana's past life as a McDonalds Young Entertainers super trooper.

The cricket was... iffy. Both teams managed to screw it up so much, it almost became a battle of who could screw up the least. But the sun was beaming, the breeze was pleasant, the sixes were HUUUUUUUGE... And Wellington won. I love being wrong sometimes.

Marks out of 10
7.5. Number of marks taken off corresponds to years taken off my life because of how tight the finish was.