India v New Zealand, 3rd ODI, Vadodara

0.2 Khan to BB McCullum, OUT, edged and gone! Good length outside off and moves away just a hint, McCullum pokes at it, fatally, gets a thick outside edge straight to Vijay at second slip, poor return from injury for the man, almost guided it to Vijay there

4.5 Khan to Guptill, OUT, run-out, Guptill has to go, pushed firmly down the ground past the bowler to mid-on, Gambhir at mid-on picks it up and throws down the stumps at the non-striker's end, Guptill dives but is well short of the crease, India have struck again

22.6 Ashwin to Styris, OUT, good catch by Yuvraj at leg slip, tossed up on middle and leg, Styris, who had struggled to pinch a single for the previous four deliveries, turned the face again to play it fine, and that he did but there was a leg slip in place, Yuvraj was alert there and snapped a sharp, low catch to send back Styris, who had been extremely fortunate to bat for as long as he did

47.2 Ashwin to NL McCullum, OUT, the partnership is broken, makes room, turns in and he tries to smack that over extra cover but doesn't get the desired elevation, straight to Gambhir

0.3 Mills to Gambhir, FOUR, short and down the leg side, Gambhir moves across and helps it on its way to the fine-leg boundary, easy pickings