India v New Zealand, 1st ODI, Guwahati

8.5 Mills to Kohli, no run, shout for a catch behind and the bowler looks mighty pissed off .. It cut in from outside off stump and moved past the inner edge and flew through the bat and pad gap .. There was some noise, no visible deflection,though, on the replays. Hopkins did well to lunge to his left to take it

40.4 Mills to Raina, OUT, backs away from the stumps and tries to smash through the line and on the up. No luck. He ends up skiing it to long-off.

6.4 Nehra to How, OUT, Vijay made that look easy. It was the short delivery and was pulled low to his right at short midwicket. A mistimed shot. He lunged to collect that.

25.1 Yuvraj Singh to Williamson, OUT, short of length delivery outside off and Kane went for the cut but must have got a thin bottom edge ..... Yuvraj was running towards the keeper before he stopped and turned for the appeal . Up went the finger.

33.3 Ashwin to Taylor, OUT, And he is gone now, trying to repeat the shot. But this was not the off break but the carrom ball. He went for the big swing to the on side -one of his fav hits -but top edges it straight up. And NZ hurtle towards a big defeat