Choice of game
When Test cricket returned to Hyderabad after more than two decades, I had to go. My dad, who is in his 50th year of watching cricket, accompanied me. It marked my Test debut - after three ODIs.

Team supported
India. Really no other team to support, but good cricket from the New Zealand batsmen was greatly appreciated.

One thing I'd have changed
A Test venue ought to have a functional scoreboard which lists more than just runs, wickets and overs. We didn't know when the batsmen reached their fifties and only barely registered McIntosh's 100.

After spending 20 minutes testing the PA system with "Hello, hello" before the start of play, the stadium authorities didn't utilise it for the rest of the day. So we did not know who won the toss, who was to bat first, what the pitch was like, what the teams were, and even that it was a no-ball that Martin Guptill had edged and walked to. We only figured out the last one when the score was increased by a run and the wickets deducted by one.

Key performer
Tim McIntosh, for a fabulous century. He never looked too ruffled, and played with a composure that belied the nerves he may have felt since he had been dismissed for ducks in the first Test.

Player watch
all Indian players were sporting in the way they responded to the crowd with occasional waves and nods. We even got some free water bottles tossed our way by Amit Mishra, M Vijay and Ishant Sharma.

Shot of the day
Guptill's dance down the wicket to loft Harbhajan Singh over long-on. The inexperienced New Zealand batsmen have shown tremendous application in playing spin, and this shot was full of intent.

Crowd meter
The home team support was overwhelming but one New Zealand supporter, draped in the country's flag, provided tremendous entertainment. His favourite chants were "Jeetega, jeetega, New Zealand jeetega, Haarega, haarega, India haarega" (New Zealand will win, India will lose), and "Ganapati bappa moriya" (Lord Ganpati is my ruler).

Any cricket watched live is a great experience, but to finally be able to attend a Test match was something special. I am hoping to go for all five days.

Marks out of 10
8. The stadium and the ground were pretty, the chairs were comfortable, the entry gate was easy to find, and the cricket was good. What was disappointing was that we weren't allowed to take cameras or mobile phones and had to do with basic match information. But the thrill of watching Test cricket and India being No. 1 made up for everything else.