Dale Steyn hits his head

Dale Steyn lies on the ground after injuring himself while taking a catch to dismiss Michael Hussey AFP

Catch of the day
It might have cost Bangalore the game. Dale Steyn backpedalled to take a skier from Michael Hussey, but the ball was going further away from him. He increased his pace and continued to backpedal, in the end arching his back and sticking his hands behind his head to take the catch. He fell on his back, his head hit the ground and he wound up with a concussion. He couldn't bowl and it opened up a Pandora's Box for Bangalore.

Slog(s) of the day
Suresh Raina is usually a good batsman to watch. On occasions tonight, he was an ugly batsman to watch. Aesthetics doesn't feature in scorecards, though. Time and again tonight, he cleared his front foot and muscled back-of-length deliveries over the midwicket boundary. His front shoulder almost jarred out of its socket. The bat almost flew out of his hands. The ball almost flew out of the stadium.

Misjudgement of the day
M Vijay had heaved towards deep midwicket but B Akhil, usually a safe fielder, stuttered right from the start. He took couple of steps and paused for a brief while before he moved forward hesitantly. Then he spilled the catch.

Costly mistake of the day
It came from Manish Pandey. He wasn't standing at the edge of the boundary line and judging by Kumble's reaction later, he wasn't supposed to be standing so far inside. Suresh Raina mowed Kumble to deep midwicket and it went over Pandey, who did well to jump and stop it. But if he had stood near the rope to start with, he would have taken the catch comfortably. Needless to say Kumble wasn't happy; Raina was on 18 then.