Kumble's rare smile

Ambati Rayudu takes a swirler to get rid of Ross Taylor Getty Images

The rare smile of the day:
Anil Kumble's scowls when a fielder misfields are legendary. Today, Robin Uthappa missed a stumping off his bowling and the camera panned to capture Kumble's anger. Instead it caught him sporting a gentle smile. Things were about to change, though. In the tense end overs, when Dwayne Bravo was laying into Kumble, Uthappa let slip four byes. The camera zoomed to Kumble. You know what happened.

The drop of the day:
It was the 15th over and Mumbai Indians were 86 for 5. Kumble tossed it up and induced Bravo to hit it back down the pitch but he couldn't hold on to the catch despite going for it with both hands. The game turned from there on as Bravo and Saurabh Tiwary looted 79 off the last six overs.

The run-out of the day:
It should have been a simple run-out but Jacques Kallis fumbled while collecting and broke the stumps without the ball in his hand. Harbhajan Singh, the batsman, had given up and might have made it if he had kept running. Kallis quickly collected the ball and uprooted a stump.

The catch of the day:
The last one of Virat Kohli of course stands out because of the immense pressure. However, Ambati Rayudu took one earlier which was better. It was a swirler from Ross Taylor and Rayudu turned back and ran around in circles but never, for a moment, took his eyes of the ball.