Mcgain v Hussey
Bryce Mcgain knows how it feels to get hit. He also knows how it feels to fool a batsman. Michael Hussey was itching to get after him today and rushed out of the crease for the big hit. McGain drifted it wider and Hussey reached out and only drag it to long-off. Mcgain didn't exactly "jump around like a idiot" but celebrated in style.

Contest of the day
It happened between R Ashwin and Aaron Finch, who played a violent innings. Thrice he went down on his knee to dismiss Ashwin over midwicket. Twice it flew beyond the stadium. Ashwin flicked a carrom ball across to deceive Finch who got a leading edge. Ashwin ran after it, lunged out to take the catch and threw the ball down in anger. It was partly directed at himself, partly at the batsman and mainly it was an outlet to release his inner rage for being carted for huge sixes. It was fun to watch.

Peter Siddle slipped in a full toss around waist-high which M Vijay tapped straight back to the bowler. It was called a no ball. Next ball was another full toss - chest high this time and outside off - which Vijay upper-cut superbly over the third man boundary. However, Siddle slipped in another beamer next ball and this time he had to go. "The second was wide and hence not deemed dangerous," the umpire Erasmus later clarified.

Two vicious hits
The game should have been buried after David Hussey's fall but Siddle wasn't going to die wondering. The equation read 16 from seven balls when he crashed Doug Bollinger wide of mid-off for a boundary. That was the first hit. When they needed 6 from 3, he calmly lifted Suresh Raina over extra cover for another boundary.

Ashwin's nightmare
He was entrusted with the Super Over and he was looted for 23 runs. As the last ball disappeared over long-on he sank to his knees. His captain said something when walking past him. Perhaps there were words of consolation, perhaps it was post-mortem on his bowling. Ashwin sat there, holding his head. He then got up and trudged off slowly towards the hutch. L Balaji and Suresh Raina walked along beside him quietly. Michael Hussey came across to pat him on the back before Balaji and Raina proceeded to do the same.