A Kenyan cricketer has attacked comments made by Kennedy Otieno regarding the current strike by the players.

Otieno is one of four individuals who claim to represent the players who have been instrumental in organising a strike which led to the last-minute cancellation of a tour to England last week. The stand-off also threats Kenya's participation in the forthcoming World Cricket League in the Netherlands.

Otieno told the Nation that he had not been considered for selection because of Cricket Kenya rules that he had to play in the top league to be eligible while he was playing at a lower level. He cited that as one of the reasons the players had gone on strike.

"Kennedy can only talk about his own gripes and has no real interest in player welfare," the player, who wished to remain unidentified, told Cricinfo. "The reality is his own disciplinary record was poor. His attitude is a major problem."

A local administrator also claimed Otieno had made the decision to play for a 3rd division side "simply for money" and despite knowing the conditions of the deals offered to contracted players.

Otieno cited the example of the selection of Dominic Wesongam who plays outside the top flight, as an example of double standards. "That doesn't hold water," the administrator said. "He was a replacement and is a youngster who shows promise."

Further investigation revealed that as Wesongam was not contracted there was no obligation for him to meet the criteria of playing in the top league.

"His comments have shown he is pursuing a personal vendetta against those running the game," the player concluded. "This about Kennedy and the players are being used as a stick for him to beat them."