The game
I realised two weeks before this match that I could not be in the same city and not witness Nannes v Hayden live.

Team supported
I was born and brought up in Delhi, so it would have been pretty strange for me to support any other team.

Key performers
Though Dirk Nannes produced a magnificent spell of fast bowling and Virender Sehwag started off with a flier, it was Matthew Hayden who made the difference with a brutal innings. He scored nearly half the target in 43 deliveries and left the Delhi bowlers thoroughly dispirited.

One thing I'd have changed
The pitch. Except Hayden, all the foreign recruits - David Warner, AB de Villiers, Albie Morkel and Justin Kemp - struggled to time the ball on the low and slow wicket. Really, if you can't put grass on the wicket, the least you can do is ensure a reasonable degree of pace and bounce.

Face-off I relished
Sehwag v Murali. You could see Sehwag itching to come down the wicket, but he was wary of Murali's doosra and settled for knocking the ball around for most of Murali's spell. In the end though, the doosra won the battle as Sehwag's patience gave way and he charged down the track, only to mistime his slog and hole out to long-off.

As I was going to the stadium straight after college, the only accesories I took along were a couple of hooligan friends.

Wow moment
I was going to choose between Kemp's catch and de Villiers's run-out - until the Mongoose came out. Seven swats later, I was left saying "Wow" for the rest of the innings. The Mongoose's IPL debut wins this one.

Player watch
Nannes was fielding in front of us at third man and was treated with loud cheers every time he looked around at the crowd. He returned the favour by waving and grinning from ear to ear.

Shot of the day
For all the mighty blows by Hayden and Sehwag, in the end it was a crafty slice for four by Sehwag, which went a touch wide of short third man, off a short-of-length delivery from Murali, that wins this prize for me.

Crowd meter
The stadium was full to brim and had come to life well before the match started. I bet everyone will wake up with a sore throat.

Popular songs were played every now and then by the DJ, which kept a lot of spectators busy dancing. I think most of them had come prepared to have a good time, no matter how well Delhi did. A few guys playing dholaks and wearing traditional Punjabi attire, circling the boundary, kept the crowd going.

Hardship factor
The parking facilities were reserved for the VIPs. There were temporary parking spots for the locals, but at a fair distance from the stadium. That and a thoroughly unsettling body search by the security guards at the gates aside, there wasn't much to complain about.

Twenty20 v ODIs
It's not so much the format of the game as the quality of cricket that makes a match enthralling. I would kill to watch Flintoff steaming in to bowl to Ponting, no matter what the format. But at the moment, with half of all international one-day matches being one-sided, the Twenty20 format, with many more games ending tightly, is towering over it.

Banner of the day
"Viru. Go ahead. Make my day."

TV or stadium?
No contest. In India, you watch a match in the stadium if you can. You get to shout like you can't at your boss and dance like you can't in front of your in-laws.

Marks out of 10
8. A thoroughly entertaining, high-scoring match. Sehwag and Hayden treated the fans to some good, clean hits and Nannes bowled flat-out fast. No regrets about missing a couple of classes for this match.