Ratnakar Shetty, the Indian board's chief administrative officer, has expressed concern over the lack of focus among younger national players who, he said, were not greatly affected by the ICC Champions Trophy exit because they were distracted by a lifestyle outside the sport.

"One of the senior players called up after the Champions Trophy and said other players [youngsters] did not feel it [the loss as much as him], Shetty told PTI. "He said there was no feeling whether we won or not. There is no sadness [after losing]."

India exited the Champions Trophy after losing to Pakistan in the group stage. Their match against Australia was abandoned due to rain and they failed to qualify for the semis even after beating West Indies.

Shetty said the lack of focus was an issue the BCCI would have to look at. "You can see the change in attitude and focus which seems to have gone to things other than cricket. They are attracted by the different style of entertainment that is part of these events. This is worrisome.

"Some of these youngsters have become very big. Some of them feel that playing in Ranji Trophy is not as important as playing in the IPL."