Phillip Hughes has vowed to hit back after the disappointment of his Test sacking and regain his spot in the line-up. Hughes, 20, was replaced by Shane Watson in Edgbaston to end an up-and-down start to his international career.

In South Africa, Hughes scored two centuries in his second Test, but struggled in England when Andrew Flintoff and Co aimed short balls at his body. While he is unlikely to get a chance to regain his spot on this trip, he will not give up hope.

"I started very strongly in my first five Tests but I got dropped," he told Fox Sports. "That's the risk that happens when you play the game of cricket and play for Australia. It's obviously very disappointing but you have to try to bounce back and be as strong as you can. I will try to improve my game in all aspects."

Since missing out in Birmingham, Hughes has spent time in the nets trying to overcome the problems that resulted in only 57 runs in three innings. One helpful team-mate has been Watson, who spoke with Hughes after training on Wednesday to keep his spirits up.

"We've had a number of chats about how Shane's been in and out of the side with injuries and how he has bounced back," Hughes said. "He talked about his frustrations over the past couple of years about playing a couple of games and then having to sit out.

"He said that sometimes it could take you a week or two to get your mind fresh. He always looked on the positive side of things. His advice was to always stay positive."