The Bermuda Cricket Board have received 12 applicants for the post of national coach, ahead of Gus Logie's departure in September.

Logie announced in April he would not be renewing his contract with the board, following his side's desperately disappointing performance in the ICC World Cup Qualifiers in South Africa, where Bermuda lost their international standing as an ODI nation.

According to the Bermuda Sun, there are a number of high-profile names who have applied, but it is understood that neither David Hemp - Bermuda's former captain - nor Colin Wells, currently on a short-term contract coaching UAE, have applied. Only a handful of local coaches have the necessary qualifications, and it is expected the board will again opt for someone from overseas.

"We are looking for someone to take us through to the 2013 World Cup qualifiers," said the BCB vice president, Lloyd Fray, "but the role is a little wider in scope. It is to do with the development of cricket as well."

Bermuda are still reeling from their performance in South Africa earlier this year, in addition to the comments made by Logie following their exit, where he attacked the lack of desire and professionalism with certain squad members in an interview with Cricinfo. His comments angered the players, but Logie refused to back down and, a couple of weeks later, unsurprisingly decided not to renew his contract.

Bermuda's already poor international reputation took another hit at the weekend with reports that several domestic matches were blighted by scenes of ill-discipline