Gayle insists England tour will go ahead

A pensive Chris Gayle in the nets Getty Images

Chris Gayle has dismissed suggestions that matches in the current one-day series against England will be affected by the ongoing dispute between players and the West Indies board, and also insisted the tour of England which follows will go ahead.

"There wasn't any threat made to boycott any games to my knowledge," he said. "They are making a bit of progress [in talks between the board and the Players' Association], which is good. If the games weren't supposed to be going on I'd be at home cocking up my legs now, but I'm here to play cricket so the games will definitely be going on.

"We have to come to an understanding with each other between the team, the players and the board and I think there is some sort of communication going on. Things are looking pretty good, I'm sure everyone will benefit from the outcome and the cricket will definitely go on rather than go into a dispute again."

Earlier today Cricinfo reported that up to five players could refuse to tour England, but Gayle denied that was the case. "The tour of England would definitely go ahead," he said. "I will be there, and once all the other players are fit and selected, they also will be there. . .right now, things are looking good."