Pakistani officials say they have identified those responsible for the terror attack in Lahore on Tuesday directed at the Sri Lankan team and ICC match officials. Salman Taseer, the governer of the Punjab province, said progress had been made in the investigation but nothing yet has been disclosed on the identity of the attackers and their possible connections with radical militant groups.

"We have identified the people who did the operation," Taseer told a news conference in Lahore on Thursday. "We have a lot of information. We have arrested many people, rounded up some suspects but the final investigation will be presented to me tomorrow. Till then I am not in a position to say more."

Up to 12 men fired bullets, grenades and a rocket at the convoy as it approached the Gaddafi Stadium. The van transporting the umpires and match referee was also attacked. Footage captured on closed-circuit TV cameras showed two suspects, carrying rucksacks, fleeing on motorbikes without a trace.

Six policemen and two civilians were killed in the attack, which left five Sri Lankan cricketers injured. Police released sketches of four suspects and had earlier rounded-up two dozen suspects in connection with the incident.