Netherlands held their nerve to record a sensational upset in the opening match of the ICC World Twenty20, beating England by four wickets. With seven needed from the final over, here's what happened

Well, what an opening match we've had, ladies and gents. It's all coming down to the last over. Seven to win for Netherlands! Who'd have predicted this? Not I, sir. Collingwood's chatting to Broad and Anderson, and it'll be Broad going around the wicket


Broad to ten Doeschate, 1 run, cracked out to the off side, Broad fields and should run him out - but misses! That's the fourth run-out opportunity they've missed tonight alone

England cannot just protect runs - they must aim for wickets. They're going to run whatever happens. 6 from 5


Broad to Schiferli, 1 run, tries to smack it out to cover but can't time it. Broad fields and does a Jonty Rhodes, diving onto the stumps. But as his right hand (holding the ball) hits the turf, he releases the ball - it's his hand which smashes the bails! Not out

Boos around the ground, but I'm afraid that's the right decision. Anyway - move on. Here we go, chaps. 5 runs from 4 balls


Broad to ten Doeschate, 1 run, Broad's dropped a wellied smash to a full toss! High above his head and it took a while to reach him

This is unbelievably, sickeningly tense. 4 from 3


Broad to Schiferli, 1 bye, he plays and misses, the ball flies through to keeper who is standing back - and they run a bye!

Schiferli injured himself during that run-out attempt with Broad. Damaged shoulder, by the looks of it. This is as mad as a box of frogs


Broad to ten Doeschate, 1 run, another smash, but he picks out mid-on! Only a single. Good grief, this is so tense

Just two runs needed ... off one ball! Hundreds of emails flying in - no time to read them I'm afraid, but thanks anyway. Foster's going to stand up to the stumps and Anderson's giving Broad advice. Foster's actually going back now. Broad around the wicket. Remember: 2 needed from 1


Broad to Schiferli, 2 runs, goes for a club, Broad again fields - they run, and Broad has all three stumps as he collects it in his follow through. But he misses, and they run an overthrow. They're through and Netherlands have scored a brilliant, outstanding upset here for the first match at Lord's!

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