Sussex have unveiled their plans for the redevelopment of their home at Hove, and Dave Brooks, the county's chief executive, has insisted it will remain a traditional setting and not, as many feared, become a soulless stadium.

The initial plans had led to concerns that the unique atmosphere of the County Ground would be sacrificed, but Brooks told the Argus that "it's not about money but doing what fits best with our ambitions for the county." He continued: "We are trying to build a seaside country cricket ground, not a stadium. We will not be staging one-day internationals or Tests. I was at the Oval and they have a huge stand which looks great there. But it would be an abomination in Hove.

"We will not be getting rid of the deck chairs on the grass banks because they are unique to Sussex. I would have liked to have kept the marquees but according to the members I have spoken to they can be a nightmare when it is windy.

The redevopment, which will cost 8 million, includes an enlargement to the pavilion, the demolition of the Gilligan Stand and its replacement with a new building with seating on top, and a new uncovered stand replacing seats in the south-west corner which will incorporate offices and a museum.

The grass bank and deckchairs at the Cromwell Road end will stay and capacity will remain at about 7,000.

The proposal, which is all being funded through a 10.6 million legacy from former vice-president Spen Cama, will be put to the members at an AGM in May. If approved, work will start at the end of the summer and should be completed in time for the start of the 2012 season.