Gayle criticises Pietersen for Chanderpaul comments

Kevin Pietersen and Chris Gayle share views during their entertaining tête à tête Getty Images

Chris Gayle, the West Indies captain, has hit out at Kevin Pietersen for making critical comments about Shivnarine Chanderpaul.

"Every time he [Chanderpaul] gets runs he never fields," Pietersen told the Daily Mail. "There's always an injury or something. That has really got on my nerves here. It leads me to think he plays for himself."

Gayle said Pietersen had "no right" to make such comments. "I did talk to him and told him, 'You don't need to stoop to that level'. He didn't actually apologise and if he could apologise that would be nice," Gayle told BBC Sport.

"We're all big men. There's no need to go to that level and try and degrade other players. No-one wants to be degraded in this manner. We're all human beings and everybody is playing this sport to enjoy the game but to take it to that level is very disappointing.

"Whatever issues he had, he should have kept to himself. I've played with Shiv for years and, as a captain, I get tremendous support from him both on and off the field. His batting in both forms of the game has been brilliant and to hear these sorts of comments out in public has been very disappointing."

Pietersen, however, had praised Gayle. "I've loved playing against Chris Gayle," he said. "He's funny and relaxed but he's a real competitor. He's a comedian with a heart of gold and this series has been played in a real good spirit."