ICC expands World Cricket League

The ICC has agreed in principle to the launch of Divisions 6 and 7 of the World Cricket League, with the inaugural Division 6 tournament taking place in May/June 2009 in Guernsey and the Division 7 event in September in Singapore. Those venues are subject to confirmation.

The 10 slots have been assigned by region, with three teams from Asia (two for Division 6 and one for Division 7), three teams from Europe (one for Division 6 and two for Division 7), two teams from Africa (one for each division), one team from the Americas (for Division 7) and one team from East Asia-Pacific (also for Division 7).

The teams in Division 7 will, be Guernsey, Nigeria, Japan, Suriname, Bahrain and Gibraltar, while Division Six will consist of Singapore, Botswana, Norway, Malaysia and the top two teams from Division 7.