Tata Steel, which maintains the Keenan Stadium in Jamshedpur, has expressed its regret at the Jharkhand State Cricket Association's (JSCA) decision to withdraw it rights to host the ODI between India and England on November 23.

The JSCA informed the BCCI on Thursday that it could not host the November 23 fixture since Tata Steel is yet to agree to a takeover of the stadium by the association.

"It is indeed a pity that the JSCA has taken this hasty step without consulting the company, as the Tata Steel has always maintained that the request from JSCA is 'under active consideration' and its engineers' report on the status of the galleries was awaited," said a statement from Tata Steel.

"We are aware of the interest of the people of Jamshedpur in the ODI and as such were expediting the process of inspection. The JSCA has only been writing letters and giving media interviews but they never considered it important to discuss the details with the steel company."

The BCCI said the ODI could be shifted to Bangalore instead.