Kaneria determined to return fitter than ever

Danish Kaneria, the Pakistan leg-spinner, is determined to use his enforced six-week injury lay-off in a positive manner, and enter the domestic season in October at his fittest.

Kaneria broke a finger on August 21 playing for Essex, and had a wire inserted into his finger last week. He has been advised complete rest for the time being.

"The specialist, Dr Shahad Ghani, inserted a wire into my finger behind the knuckle of my right ring finger to help mend the fracture and that will stay in there for a month," Kaneria told Bigstarcricket.com. "He has told me not to do any weights or think about cricket for at least a month and probably more like six weeks.

"I had to stay in hospital for one night to allow the general anaesthetic to wear off but I was discharged the next day.

"I am staying positive about the injury because these things happen in cricket. Instead of being miserable about it I am actually viewing this time as an opportunity to get myself stronger and fitter than I have been for a long time.

"Although I cannot lift weights for the short term I will at least be able to start running soon and go on the cycling machine in the gym. The good thing is that Pakistan do not have any cricket coming up so it is not as though I am going to miss a Test series. We next play against India in January."