The ICC have appointed five regional umpires' performance managers - John Holder, Arani Jayaprakash, Peter Manuel, Ian Robinson and Bob Stratford - to coach, mentor and assist the umpires as they work towards improving standards on the field.

Holder, a former English umpire, will work with umpires in the Americas and Europe. Jayaprakash, an Indian umpire who retired during the Indian Premier League, was appointed for Asia, including Bangladesh and India, while Manuel, a former Sri Lankan umpire, was appointed to Pakistan and Sri Lanka. Robinson, a Zimbabwean umpire, is Africa's performance manager while Bob Stratford, the umpire coach for Cricket Australia, has been appointed to the Pacific region including Australia and New Zealand.

They will work towards the development of umpiring in their regions and will provide individual support programmes that assist international officials in the various aspects of umpiring.

"This is more good news for the game as it will provide expert support to umpires around the world," David Richardson, ICC general manager - cricket, said. "I am delighted with these appointments. The five regional umpires' managers all have first-hand experience with the trials, challenges and rewards of umpiring at a high level. They all have credibility and respect in the cricket world and they know the issues that face umpires these days. I have no doubt these appointments will be good for the umpires and the game.

"This move is part of the ICC's commitment to ensuring that the standard of international cricket umpiring remains high and continues to improve as we seek to get the most out of our best officials."

The five appointments come after the ICC made former Natal and Middlesex fast bowler Vince van der Bijl the ICC umpires' and referees' manager in May.