Hawk-Eye bought by Wisden Group

Hawk-Eye, the global pioneer in ball tracking technology for sports broadcasting and officiating, has been bought by the Wisden Group, the owners of Cricinfo.

Mark Getty, a director of Wisden Group, said that the acquisition was a coup for the group which would strengthen its presence in the global cricket market and provide an entry into tennis and other major international sports.

"In a relatively short space of time, Hawk-Eye has achieved a major impact in the way cricket is presented and appreciated by fans around the world," he said. "It already has enormous recognition in the sport and is now making a similar impact in the world of tennis. Wisden is cricket's most famous publisher and Cricinfo is the game's largest global website, so the addition of Hawk-Eye as the most innovative technology provider in sports broadcasting is a development that will reinforce the group's presence and influence."

Under the terms of the agreement, Paul Hawkins, the originator and creative mind behind the development of Hawk-Eye, will remain as managing director of Hawk-Eye Innovations and join the senior management team at the Wisden Group.

"There are enormous opportunities for ball tracking technology to revolutionise the way sport is televised and officiated," he commented. "With the backing of the Wisden Group I am confident that Hawk-Eye can play a major role in making that happen."

Hawk-Eye's global impact on international cricket is reinforced by the quality and status of the broadcasters across the world who have used it to enhance their coverage. Its use has more recently been expanded to cover major tennis tournaments, including all four Grand-Slam events.