Any time banking, and the Son of Swampy

Maintaining appearances: Greg Chappell was the man out in the middle with both captains for the toss. And when Sourav Ganguly's turn came to have a chat, you'd never have guessed that the two men had been responsible for one of the most damaging schisms in the history of Indian sport. Those looking for any drama from the former coach and ex-captain were sorely disappointed.

Any time banking: Yuvraj Singh's dismissal was a huge blow to the King's XI Punjab's hopes of a massive total. But for over a minute, no one could even figure out if Wriddhiman Saha had dislodged the bails in time. The replay from side-on was inconclusive, thanks largely to the logo of a bank that kept twirling around the screen even as everyone tried to make out if the bail had come out of the groove. Talk about milking every last dollar.

Son of Swampy: Sean Marsh was just four when his old man, Geoff [Swampy to his mates], made his highest one-day score. That was down the road at Chandigarh's Sector 16 Stadium, in a World Cup match against New Zealand. By the standards of that era, Marsh senior's knock was a rapid one, and the son showed signs of replicating the feat before a fellow Aussie, David Hussey, sent him on his way.

Not quite champagne class: With wickets falling in a heap and no boundary for three overs, the crowd was getting restive even in the posh seats above the pavilion. Then, Ishant Sharma misfielded on the rope and the drumbeats boomed out with renewed vigour. A group of men celebrated with a spray. Not Dom Perignon, but a soft drink of a dark hue. Others that got soaked didn't look too delighted.

A better man?: Having reacted as though he'd been jilted by a lover on being denied an appeal against Debabrata Das, you wondered how Sreesanth would react when a subsequent delivery was off-driven for four. With good grace, a word of appreciation and a handclap or two. There was an element of theatrics when he dismissed him soon after, but it finally looks like he's ready to button his lip and let the ball do the talking.

Middling it: No matter whether it's a Test match, a club game in a park or the IPL, there are few finer sights than watching a quick bowler shatter the stumps. When Laxmi Ratan Shukla made room for an expansive drive, it was VRV Singh's turn to feel that adrenaline rush, with the middle stump poleaxed, and the Kolkata Knight Riders down for the count.