Yuvraj fined for dissent

Yuvraj Singh has been fined 20% of his match fee for "showing dissent at an umpire's decision" during the final ODI between India and Pakistan in Jaipur.

Yuvraj was given out by umpire Suresh Shastri during India's chase, after he miscued a pull off Umar Gul to the keeper. However, instead of walking, an upset Yuvraj stood his ground, and indicated the ball had hit his shoulder and not his bat or glove. Replays suggested that the ball had hit his shoulder.

Though Yuvraj had been charged with "showing serious dissent at an umpire's decision", Roshan Mahanama, the ICC match referee, downgraded the charge to "showing dissent" after taking in to account the fact that Yuvraj, who pleaded not guilty to the charge, had apologised for any offence he may have caused and that it was his first appearance at a Code of Conduct hearing in eight years at the international level.

"I took into account several factors in downgrading the charge, including the player's previous excellent conduct, his apology at the hearing, the fact it was a spontaneous act out of character with his normal behaviour and that he did not appear to use foul or offensive language," Mahanama said.

"However, the fact remains that when the umpire raises his finger a player must leave the crease immediately and without question no matter what he may think of the decision.

"That is one of cricket's most fundamental principles and Yuvraj's failure to adhere to that principle, especially given the message his action sends out to the millions of people watching at the ground and on television, merited some form of action."