Imran Khan gives Pakistan police the slip

Former Pakistan captain turned politician Imran Khan, who gave authorities the slip over the weekend as a state of emergency was imposed through the country, has vowed to oppose President Pervez Musharraf from hiding.

Imran, leader of the Tehreek-e-Insaaf (The Justice Party) opposed to Musharraf, escaped from his family home while it was being searched by police as part of a government crackdown on the legal fraternity and opposition politicians.

In a message passed to Reuters by his ex-wife Jemima, Imran said: "The police have ransacked my house and ill treated my family members." He went on to accuse the USA of being complicit in Musharraf's actions.

"Our aim is to continue the struggle and mobilise the youth of the country from underground."

Jemima told the Daily Mail: "The police ransacked his house and roughed up his family. He managed to escape just before they returned with an arrest warrant to cart him off to Kot Lakpat jail. He is now in hiding along with most of his party and thousands of others who fear reprisals for criticising the government."

Imran turned to politics soon after retiring from international cricket in 1992. Though his party has limited grassroots support and has enjoyed scant electoral success, Imran has been among the most vociferous critics of the Musharraf regime.